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Casey Adds Xerox Digital Press

Xerox Color 1000

Casey Printing is pleased to announce the addition of a new Xerox Colorpress 1000. The Xerox 1000 uses advanced xerographic imaging technology to produce beautiful full-color images on a variety of substrates and sheet sizes. The Colorpress 1000 also features a fifth print unit that applies “clear ink” to amplify full-color jobs, allowing for images and text to be highlighted for visual impact, or digital watermarks applied for artistic effect or security. The Colorpress 1000 is capable of outputting finished prints at a blazing fast 100 pages per minute, while incorporating built-in quality control sensors to ensure color quality, consistency, and image accuracy. Continue reading Casey Adds Xerox Digital Press

No Respect? Why Print Remains a Force to be Reckoned With

Let’s face it, print has become the Rodney Dangerfield of marketing channels – it gets no respect. Sure, website analytics, Email best-practices, and emerging channels like mobile and social are glitzy and exciting, but are they really better than direct mail? After all, shouldn’t the most important measurement of the success of a marketing channel be based on recipient preference?

According to a recent study by Chief Marketing Magazine, consumers say they like print. While the focus of marketers has been on digital marketing channels, “old school, expensive” printed direct mail has been under the radar getting the job done. According to the study, 6/10 Americans (and 7/10 Canadians) enjoy getting direct mail to learn about new products. This preference toward direct mail spans all industry categories and age groups, including the tech-savvy generation of 18-35 year-olds. Continue reading No Respect? Why Print Remains a Force to be Reckoned With

Choose Paper – Save the Environment

Paper - The Green Choice
Paper - The Green Choice

Not Using Paper Will NOT Save Trees

What do you say when confronted by someone convinced that online billing statements will save the environment from the damage done by the traditional paper statements we send through the mail?

We as consumers can challenge some of the inaccurate statements that are being represented as fact. Continue reading Choose Paper – Save the Environment

Digital Editions

Multiply the power of print and mail by putting your publication online! Casey can help you expand your circulation, increase response and create an interactive version of your catalog, magazine, class schedule, newsletter, brochure or any other printed product. Using your print-ready PDF files, we provide a new and innovative solution that transforms your print publication to an online digital replica with enhanced audio, reading and marking features and even an offline version!

Casey Digital Edition opens up a whole new world of readers and advertisers, multiplying the power of print and expanding the reach of your brand. It provides response opportunities, that when coupled with print and mail’s push marketing dynamics, are an unbeatable combination.

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No Ostriches – Integrating Print and Web Marketing

Okay, okay. I am a printer but I admit it: The Internet is an amazing media tool. As providers of traditional print communications, we need to NOT be Ostriches. Instead, we need to strive daily to keep our heads firmly out of the sand and see the value of electronic media. Having admitted that, nevertheless, the forecast for print is bright indeed.

Now hold on, Casey Printing may be located in a little farm town in rural California, but we do have electricity, and consequently, access to the World Wide Web. Yes, it’s stupendous, glorious and sexy, but, like the frosting on a cake, its only part of the mix. When you want to have your cake, and eat it too, you better put print in the mix.

Consider the following from the 2008 Publishing Advertising Trends Study: Continue reading No Ostriches – Integrating Print and Web Marketing